Britt's Guests - 
Frequently Asked Questions:
What does a haircut cost? 

Haircuts are $60 

Duration beyond one hour due to thick or extra long hair is $15 for additional quarter hours. Extra styling such as flat iron or curling iron work is $15.

What about short hair?
I just want a trim, is it cheaper? 

All haircuts include a shampoo and blow dry and up to one hour of time. If you choose to forgo these, the cost of the haircut remains the same. 

What happened to the $45 Express Haircut?

Due to the time COVID-19 safety and sanitation procedures add to my schedule, I am unable to offer Express Haircuts at this time. I will honor previously scheduled services and pricing through the end of 2020. 

Can't you just squeeze me in? 

I have very strict guidelines for how many guests can be in the salon at one time. While I could previously squeeze short appointments into gaps in my schedule, I am not permitted to do so any longer. This allows me to give each guest a more personalized experience. 

Can I have a loyalty discount? 

While I absolutely value and appreciate your loyalty, I am unable to offer discounts. 

Are your color services changing? 

Moving forward, l have a minimum charge for color services of $100. I will contact you if your color service changes. 

Do you have a cancellation list? What if I need to reschedule my appointment? 

I do keep a cancellation list. If you wish to be added to it for the chance of getting in sooner than your scheduled appointment, just send me an email with your request. Rescheduling can be done online via Vagaro. Email me if you need assistance.

Are you accepting new clients? I want to refer my friend to you! 

A referral is a huge compliment! If you'd like to send a friend to my salon, have them fill out my New Guest Intake Form. I cannot guarantee an appointment, but this is the best way to open up communication. 

What are your hours? 

Tuesdays and Wednesdays  9-5

Thursdays 9- 2:00

Fridays and Saturdays 9-4:00

Beginning in January 2021 I will take alternating Thursdays and Saturdays off. 

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