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Salon Station Available 

Are you looking for a new salon home? Salon Aloha has a chair available.

We are consistently receiving new guest requests, and with only two stylists, we cannot keep up with demand! 

Our little salon is the perfect place to take care of your clientele and grow in your career. 

We especially need someone who loves to do haircuts! 


You can be an independent booth renter, or commissioned stylist working towards booth renting. Open communication is key, and your success is most important. If you are looking to make a change, and want to learn more, leave your info below! 

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Come Work With Us

Thanks for submitting! 

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How much is booth rent? 

How much commission can I earn?

How many days can I work?

What is provided? 

What do I need to provide?

$55 a day, $215 a week or $850 a month. Terms negotiable 
35-45% commission on a sliding scale based on performance
up to 5 days a week, Monday through Saturday 
To be negotiated dependent on contract. Basics include all utilities and WiFi 
Your own tools and a great attitude!

Frequently Asked Questions 

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